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Gourmet Honey: Pure, Raw & All Natural

To make one pound of honey, our bees visit over two million blossoms. Enjoy this rare delicacy prized by our ancestors for its medicinal benefits.

Our honey, made from the wide variety of blooms in the scenic Middletown Valley of Maryland is sold in elegant glass jars.

Honey Processing

We extract the honey from the comb without heat, preserving all of the beneficial enzymes. It is then delicately sieved through stainless steel strainers, which preserves trace pollen grains. The honey is allowed to settle, before we hand bottle individual jars. These are then sealed with a tamper proof seal for your safety. A decorative hang tags adorns the finished product, adding a touch of color to nature's golden bounty, the world's first sweetener.


4.5 oz honey jar

4.5 oz Honey Jar - $6.00

This delicate trapezoid glass honey jar makes the perfect gift of an edible delicacy. Perfect for house warmings, thank you gifts, surprise treats for friends, or wedding favors.

7.5 oz Honey Jar - $7.50

Tired of bringing bottle after bottle of wine as a gift. Why not give this gorgeous ribbed glass honey jar. Friends and family will love the delicate aroma and fine taste of wildflower honey.

15 oz Honey Jar - $12.00

Isn't it time you spoiled yourself. Ideal gift for yourself or close friends, a beautiful ribbed honey jar. Experiment with the many possibilities of honey, from a delicious sweetener to a wonderful facial mask. See the article section for recipes and health tips.

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We pack our honey in sturdy, yet elegant glass jars, as plastic containers can alter the fine taste of our gourmet honey. These chic glass jars are quite heavy. We try to use flat rate boxes, whenever possible. We can fit six 4.5 oz jars, four 7.5 oz jars and two 12 oz jars in these boxes for a flat rate of $8.95. We will do our best to ship the jars in the most economical way possible. If you are overcharged for shipping using the PayPal checkout, we will refund the difference, as we do not wish to make money on shipping.

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